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three simple steps to a simmering Chinese hot pot

14 April 2022

If you think the only kind of hot pot is a meat stew topped with sliced potato… think again. A Chinese Hot Pot is a warming soup-based dish which stays simmering through the whole meal - perfect for the family to gather around on a cold winter evening. Amazingly versatile, it starts with soup in a whole variety of flavours, can be packed with any ingredients you like, and is finished off with your choice of delicious dipping sauce. We might be biased, but we think it’s much tastier than a casserole! Read on to discover how to make hot pot yourself. With a little help from LKK, it couldn’t be easier.

A little hot pot history

This unique method of cooking stretches all the way back to the Zhou Dynasty, when the richest diners all had their own personal bronze pot to use over burning charcoals. It really took off in the Qing Dynasty – particularly among Emperors (the Jiaqing Emperor had 550 hot pots at his coronation banquet) And today, it continues to be a hugely popular dish for Chinese families to cook at home, and enjoy in restaurants.

1,2,3… hot pot!

There are just three simple steps to creating a tasty hot pot:  


1: The Soup

It all starts with a delicious, flavour-packed broth. Bring this to the table in a big metal pot and it’ll stay simmering throughout the meal.

Top Tip: A small stove or table-top induction cooker is perfect to keep your pot bubbling.


2: The Filling

Now for the best bit – adding your ingredients! Bring the raw selection to the table then let everyone choose what they want and cook it themselves in the broth. It’s an interactive way of eating that brings everyone together.

Any of these foods work brilliantly in a hot pot:

  • Beef, lamb, chicken or pork
  • Leafy veg
  • Turnips
  • Mushrooms
  • Meatballs
  • Seafood – especially prawns, scallops and fish fillets
  • Wheat, egg or rice noodles

Top Tip: Thinly slice your meat, fish and veg to make sure they cook quickly and consistently.


Step 3: The Dip

This is an essential element of a hot pot to really add flavour to the dish. (Remember, you’re adding unseasoned ingredients to the pot.) Mix up your dips before dinnertime then bring them all to the table – everyone can enjoy mixing and matching their favourite combinations!

Try some of these delicious dips made with authentic LKK sauces – there’s something for every tastebud.

  • Sweet

Chilli Garlic Sauce, honey, Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil.

  • Rich

Hoisin sauce, Premium Light Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil.

  • Fruity

Chilli Garlic Sauce, Plum Sauce and lime juice.

  • Spicy

Chiu Chow Chilli Oil and Oyster Sauce.

  • Special

Ching He Huang’s ultimate hot pot dip - click here for the recipe.

Top Tip: Finish off the meal by dishing out that steaming broth – it’ll have taken on all the extra flavours of the ingredients during dinner time.  

Soup in seconds

You don’t need lots of time, effort or ingredients to get your hot pot started. Our new soup sachets make the perfect hot pot base, and are available in five delicious flavours:

  • Satay: rich with coconut and peanut
  • Hot & Spicy: lip-tingling Sichuan style
  • Seafood: packed with dried scallop and shrimp
  • Tom Yum: aromatic with chilli, lemongrass and tamarind
  • Umami Mushroom: vegan-friendly flavours of white button and shitake varieties

You can use these sachets to cook ingredients in just like you would with a traditional Chinese hot pot – just like in this recipe for fresh fish fillets in the hot and spicy soup. Or even easier, pop your pouch in a bowl, mix with water, then add in any cooked ingredients you like – veggies, meat, fish, even noodles! This creates more of a ramen-inspired bowl, a little bit like these spicy noodles with pork mince and a soft-boiled egg. It’s a great way to create a hot-pot style dish for just one or two diners.

Top Tip: use a deep Chinese soup spoon to get a more generous mouthful!

Sichuan Hot & Spicy Noodle with Soft Boiled Egg

The best of both…

We know you still love the traditional British hot pot too… so here’s a way to combine both delicious dishes. There’s one secret ingredient in this Chicken Hot Pot recipe… LKK Oyster Sauce! Use it to marinade your meat before it goes in the stew, and take your chicken hot pot to the next level.

Whether it’s a traditional bubbling pot for all the family, a tasty bowl for one, or a new fusion favourite, we hope you’ve been inspired to make your own hot pot.

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