Lee Kum Kee


18 May 2021

Over the years we’ve created a specialised sauce range designed for cooking classic Chinese dishes and fusion recipes from scratch. Based on select ingredient pastes and oils, our 8 essential sauces cover everything from black bean to teriyaki flavours, plus they’re all suitable for vegans.

Char Siu Sauce

Considered by many as the best, our Char Siu Sauce is the secret to the authentic Chinese barbeque pork A.K.A “Char Siu.” With its honey-sweet flavour, it’s a perfect marinade for meat that’s going to be barbequed, grilled or roasted. Ideal for summer suppers, we love using it in our ‘Grilled Lamb Skewers in Char Siu Sauce’ recipe.

Hoisin Sauce

Made from a balanced blend of spices and ground soybeans, Hoisin Sauce is a sweet-savoury ingredient commonly used in Asian food. Our favourite way to champion this sauce is in our Plum & Ginger Pork Belly recipe – they are packed full of flavour, completely irresistible and fun to eat… what’s not to love?! Find out all about this versatile sauce in our Hoisin Sauce feature blog.

Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce has a sweet and tangy flavour which delivers a big hit of salty umami thanks to the soy sauce base. Our Teriyaki Sauce has a rich tasting blend of quality soy sauce and good selection of spices. It's a fuss-free option when recreating your favourite Teriyaki dishes from Japanese restaurants, and it tastes even better in our Baked Salmon Parcels recipe.

Chu Hou Paste

Chu Hou Paste is made with a special blend of soybean, sesame paste, spices and fermented soybean curd. It’s a savoury paste and is primarily used in Cantonese-style braised dishes such as Chu Hou Braised Beef but can also be used in fusion recipes such as vegetable crock pots or roasted lamb.

Black Bean Garlic Sauce

Based on a blend of black beans and minced garlic paste, our Black Bean Garlic Sauce has a truly authentic Chinese flavour profile, allowing you to cook many restaurant-quality black bean based recipes at home. One of our go-to dishes to cook up for friends and family is the renowned ‘Black Bean Chicken’.

Plum Sauce

With spices such as ginger and chilli peppers, our Plum Sauce is a perfect balance of fruity sweet and savoury flavours. Plum sauce can be used in such a range of ways from dipping sauces, to roast duck and even with finger foods. It’s also used as a glaze for roast meats, cooking sauce in stir fries, dressings for salads, and even as an ingredient for desserts… such as our juicy ‘Pineapple Skewers’. If you’re feeling creative, why not try it in our latest drink recipe 'Apple Punch'.

Soy Bean Sauce

Made from naturally fermented whole soybeans, our Soy Bean Sauce is an aromatic savoury sauce. Full of complex flavours, it’s a versatile seasoning which enhances flavours of most dishes. Try our ‘Sweet Soy Silky Aubergines’ for a delicious plant-based dish.

Black Pepper Sauce

Our ready-to-use Black Pepper Sauce is a savoury sauce made with aromatic black pepper and garlic. Packing a punch of flavour, it’s ideal to use in stir fries and steamed dishes.

We’re proud of our select range of sauces that are essential in any classic Chinese and fusion cooking. Which one is your favourite? If there is one you haven’t tried, browse our range of classic ingredient sauces and find out where to buy them.

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