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The festive season is the perfect time to over-indulge on all your favourite foods. Whilst Christmas and New Year are all about big feasts and stuffing yourself with as much food as you possibly can, when January comes, it’s time to return to a healthier lifestyle. One of the most important changes is switching your diet to allow for more healthy meal choices. Over the past few years, a growing trend has been to get involved with ‘Veganuary’, where you switch to a meat-free vegan diet for the month. To help you make the switch from chicken and pork to aubergines and tofu, we’ve specially created 10 new ‘Veglicious’ vegan recipes in collaboration with Celebrity Chef, Ching He Huang, to give you some healthy vegan alternatives in the new year.

Chef Ching He Huang has appeared on many TV cooking shows, as well as writing a number of cookbooks, and her Vegan recipes range from meat-free taco and ramen recipes, to pancake recipes without using eggs. Using our Lee Kum Kee Vegan sauce range, explore a world of new delicious vegan flavours and recipes that you’ve never tried before. Just remember, just because it’s meatless, doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless!
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