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Oyster Sauce Dishes

Oyster Sauce Dishes: The Store Cupboard Staple You Didn't Know You Needed

2 November 2023

Join the Flavour-ution with these delicious Oyster Sauce Dishes

Oyster Sauce is often associated with Chinese cuisine, but what many don't realise is how incredibly versatile this inconspicuous bottle of umami goodness is.

The story of Lee Kum Kee’s Oyster Sauce began with a happy accident by our founder, Mr. Lee Kum Sheung in 1888. What he found was a sauce which can cross culinary borders, giving depth and richness to dishes from cuisines around the world. 

If you think Oyster Sauce is just for Chinese or Asian dishes, you're in for a pleasant surprise. This sauce has a place in Italian pasta, American BBQ, and even Middle Eastern stews. Its rich, salty-sweet flavour makes it a versatile addition to a wide array of cuisines..

Fusion cooking becomes an exciting adventure with Oyster Sauce in your pantry. It can blend diverse flavours, turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. From a traditional Italian Bolognese with a dash of Oyster Sauce for an unexpected twist, to a regular burger transformed by an Oyster Sauce-infused mayo. 

Oyster Sauce Dishes

If your kitchen cupboard is missing a bottle of Oyster Sauce, you're missing out on a world of flavour. It's an ingredient that can elevate any dish, and it's not just for professional chefs; even if you're new to cooking, you'll find it incredibly useful. Here’s some of our favourite Oyster Sauce dishes for you to try! So, grab your apron, pop open a bottle (of Oyster Sauce!) and oyster your way!


This isn't just any Dutch beef stew; it's a dish transformed by our delicious Premium Oyster Sauce. The sauce enriches the gravy, complementing the slow-cooked meat and adding a layer of complexity. It's a fusion of Dutch and Asian cuisines that you'll want to make a staple in your home.

Read the full recipe here.

Vegetable Skewers

Wave goodbye to bland, grilled vegetables. A marinade featuring Oyster Sauce adds depth and richness, turning ordinary skewers into a culinary masterpiece (chef’s kiss!) 

Read the full recipe here.


These aren't your typical German meatballs, these are meatballs made amazing! A splash of Oyster Sauce in the mix brings an umami kick that elevates the dish to new culinary heights. 

Read the full recipe here.

Chicken Wings with Chili and Oyster Sauce

Move over buffalo sauce. These chicken wings are glazed with a spicy and rich mixture of chilli and Oyster Sauce, making them irresistibly finger-licking. Take your tastebuds Stateside and give this delicious fusion a whirl! 

Read the full recipe here.

Steak Marinated in Oyster Sauce

Steak is already a treat but marinating it in Oyster Sauce takes it to a whooole new level. The sauce not only tenderises the meat but also infuses it with a complex flavour profile that you'll find irresistible. 

Read the full recipe here.

Egg Fried Rice

This isn't just any egg fried rice; it's a dish transformed by the addition of Oyster Sauce. The sauce adds a depth of flavour that turns this simple dish into something special. 

Read the full recipe here.

Oyster Sauce is the store cupboard staple you didn’t know you needed. So join the flavour-ution, pop it in your basket and always keep a bottle close by! 

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