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How to use Sesame Oil

How to use Sesame Oil

17 May 2021

Pure Sesame Oil is an oil made from 100% sesame seed and plays a major part in Asian cooking. With multiple uses of this nutty and toasty oil, we've outlined some of the best ways to use our sesame oil range to enhance your cooking, recipes & dishes below...


From chicken and beef to aubergine and tofu, sesame oil adds a nutty dimension to marinades for any protein. Our Pure Sesame Oil provides a flavourful aroma in barbeque recipes that take your dishes to a delicious new level. Using just a tablespoon in our ‘Mixed Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce’ marinade will impress your guests at your next barbeque.

Salad Dressings

A light drizzle of sesame oil in a fresh, crisp salad will give your dish a delicate Asian twist. As a perfect accompaniment to crunchy vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and radishes, there’s no wonder why our Pure Sesame Oil is a store cupboard staple in many homes across the world. To make a tangy salad dressing, mix a few drops of our finest Seasoned Rice Vinegar with sesame oil and there you have it!

Stir Fries

Swap standard cooking oil for our Sesame Wok Oil in your next stir fry for a taste sensation. Sesame Wok Oil has a higher smoking point than Pure Sesame Oil so it's perfect to use for cooking, such as stir fries. Combining even the most basic ingredients and cooking them with Sesame Wok Oil will create a delicious base for an umami dish. Try our Stir-fried Potatoes, Aubergine and Green Bell Pepper recipe for plant-based meal that everyone will love.


For quick and delicious mid-week meals, everyone loves a refreshing and easy noodle dish. Our Lemon Shredded Chicken Noodlerecipe is packed full of Asian aromatics that uses sesame oil in the sauce for another flavour feature.


Whether you’re adding a splash of sesame oil to hummus, pesto or creating a dumpling dipping sauce, sesame oil is your go-to ingredient. Our Pure Black Sesame Oil is made from 100% selected black sesame seeds and has rich sesame flavour and aroma which delicately enhance the taste of any dip.


A traditional Hot and Sour Soup will use sesame oil for perfect level of seasoning. With delicate nutty notes, infuse your soups with hints of Asian flavours for those extra layers of warmth.

Fried Rice

Another way to incorporate our Pure Black Sesame Oil into your cooking is adding it to fried rice. With a deliciously rich sesame flavour, it brings the ingredients of our ‘Pineapple & Chilli Fried Rice’ recipe to life.

We absolutely love sesame oil here at Lee Kum Kee and always make sure there’s a bottle (or two) to hand in our kitchen cupboards. Our sesame oil range are available in most retailers, you can also buy directly from our online shop.

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