Lemon Shredded Chicken Noodle
Lee Kum Kee

Lemon Shredded Chicken Noodle

Serves 2
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By Sandy Tang 

These lemon shredded chicken noodles are quick to prepare and provide a light and refreshing dish which is packed full of aromatic, Asian flavours. Ideal for date night or sharing with the family – the leftovers make a great lunch dish the next day too.


2 chicken legs (2x 250g), pre-seasoned with salt (at least 30 minutes before cooking up to overnight)
125g or 2 nests of wholewheat noodles, cooked (follow the pack instruction)
3 Tbsp Sichuan peppercorn oil
5 dried chillies, crushed
A handful of coriander, chopped
Roasted peanuts, crushed

Sauce Mix

2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 red onion, sliced
½ lemon, juice and grated zest


1 Boil water in a pan over a high heat. Once boiling, add a pinch of salt followed by the chicken legs, ensuring the water covers the chicken. Put the lid on and let it simmer for 30 – 40 minutes until they are cooked through.
2 Remove the chicken legs from the pot and pat them dry with kitchen towel. Set aside to cool before shredding with two forks or your fingers.
3 Add Sichuan peppercorn oil in a pan over a medium heat. Add the crushed dry chillies along with the seeds and keep stirring for 3-5 minutes before removing from heat.
4 Combine the sauce mix and the fried chillies into a bowl and mix well.
5 Add the shredded chicken into the bowl and give it a good toss.
6 Cook the noodles as per pack instructions.
7 Place the noodles on the plate, followed by the shredded chicken. Garnish with coriander, sprinkle with crushed peanuts and enjoy.


1 You can use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. Aim for 77-79°C so that it’s completely off the bone.
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And don't forget, Asian-inspired meals are made for sharing, so get friends and family together for a feast.