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Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce

Our Premium Dark Soy Sauce helps to deliver the desired deep colour, full-bodied texture, and lustre to stews, casseroles, noodles and other dishes. It is naturally brewed with non-GM soybeans, with no added MSG or preservatives. Dark Soy Sauce has a hint of sweetness and more subtle in soy bean taste, as its main purpose is for its colour instead of taste. Add progressively whilst cooking until it reaches your desired deepness of colour.

Made with non-GMO soy beans
Naturally Fermented
No added MSG
No added preservatives
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
150ml, 250ml, 500ml

Adding a natural deep colour to dishes, such as stews and gravies; good also as braising sauce and in pies.

Basting Marinade Roasting Sauce-gravy Stir-fry

Key Ingredients*: Water, Salt, Colour (Plain Caramel), Sugar Defatted Soybeans 10%, Wheat

*If you would like the full ingredients list, please contact us.

Allergens in bold.

Typical values

Per Serving 1 tsp (approx.5g)


31.55 kJ (7.4 kcal)

   of which saturates

< 0.1 g
< 0.1 g

   of which sugars

1.55 g
0.85 g


0.31 g


0.97 g


What’s the Difference between Light Soy Sauce and Dark Soy Sauce?

Those who are unfamiliar with Chinese cooking and ingredients may often find themselves wondering what the difference is between light and dark soy sauce, and when to use the appropriate one. We've made this simple table for you to understand the uses and flavour profiles of the two main types of soy sauce, so you always know which one to reach for.

Premium Light Soy Sauce
Premium Dark Soy Sauce
Use for its taste as a seasoning and marinade
Use for its colour, normally for adding a deep colour to noodle dishes and meat stew or casseroles
Delicate soy bean taste, with xian wei (umami), savoury
With a sweet hint of soy bean taste as its main purpose is for colour.
Xian soy bean aroma
Lighter in colour, reddish brown, clear
Deeper in colour, very dark brown
Thicker and clingy

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