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Whether you are cooking chicken, vegan, healthy, meals for the family or meals for one, our broad collection of authentic Chinese recipes has something for everyone. Using crisp, colourful vegetables, protein rich chicken or tofu, and a sprinkle of carbohydrates like noodles or rice, our quick and easy Chinese meal ideas are full of nutrition, healthy, and packed with flavour!

Our versatile sauces can be used across a range of dishes, meaning you'll be cooking traditional Chinese food at home in no time. Use the filters to find inspiration for your next meal.
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Ken Hom, CBE, and Lee Kum Kee have now joined forces to bring their shared knowledge of Chinese Wisdom in relation to healthier Asian cooking, and balanced living, to the UK.  A new recipe series, Wok from Hom: ‘Ken’s Kee to authentic Chinese Flavours for Less’, features Ken’s new recipes.

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And don't forget, Chinese meals are made for sharing, so get friends and family together for a feast.