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How To Cook Tofu in The Tastiest Ways

25 November 2021

Don't let its appearance fool you - tofu is a wonder ingredient that grabs hold of every flavour, which is why it's so great in Chinese cooking. Healthy, protein-packed and unbelievably versatile, it can be crispy, braised, sliced or stir fried... and we've got the lowdown on how to cook tasty tofu.

How many types of tofu are there?

There are four main kinds of tofu used in different dishes:

Silken: the softest type with the highest water content – it’ll break apart when you touch it. Great for stirring into soups, stews and dumpling mixtures.

Regular: slightly more compact and still soft, it’s a great addition to all kinds of cold dishes.

Firm: solid and strong enough to hold its shape, so it’s perfect for stir frying or deep frying.

Extra Firm: easily sliced and diced, a great meat alternative in dishes like Spicy Garlic Tofu Burgers or Tofu and Vegetable Kebab Skewers.

When it comes to how long to cook tofu, it depends on the varieties you choose and the dish you’re creating – so let the recipe guide you.


Can I eat tofu raw?

Yes! Tofu is cooked during production, so if you want, you can eat it straight from the packet. We think a few extra flavours really bring it to life though – so most of our recipes suggest cooking it with some soy sauces, chilli sauces, XO sauce or oyster sauces to pack a real tasty punch. If you would like to eat it raw, soft and silken are the best options – just remember to drain any excess water and store it as the manufacturer suggests.


Is there a traditional way to cook tofu?

There is indeed… fancy a bowl of pockmarked grandma? All the way back in 1254, an old lady in Chengdu combined tofu and beef mince in a spicy sauce to create Ma Po Tofu, and it’s been a firm favourite ever since. You can recreate this classic recipe for yourself by adding these key ingredients to Spicy Chilli Bean Sauce (just swap the mince for French beans for an alternative veggie version). Or for Ma Po Tofu in moments, just whip out the Lee Kum Kee Sauce Sachet. You'll be enjoying the lip-numbing signature Sichuan flavour in no time!

Can I make crispy tofu?

Deep-frying is one of the most crowd-pleasing ways to cook tofu – so heat up that oil and serve up something everyone at the table will enjoy. Our secret to the crispiest, tastiest result is all in the coating. When you’ve drained and dried your tofu, toss it in cornflour and seasonings – just like in these irresistible recipes!

Love Home Taste - Chinese New Year - Jeremy Pang's Pei Pa Tofu with Lee Kum Kee

Is tofu vegan-friendly?

Absolutely! So many of us are looking for ways to cut back on the amount of meat we’re eating, and tofu is a great choice for any vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. Try swapping out the duck in our vegan Crispy Tofu and Hoisin Aubergine. We bet even the biggest meat lover couldn’t tell the difference…

Check out the recipes page for more delicious dishes, or visit our online shop to order sauces that are sure to pack your tofu with authentic Chinese flavours. 

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