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Chinese food is all about getting together and sharing food, especially at significant celebrations like Chinese New Year.
There will be parades and performances, ranging from dragon dancing and fireworks. And of course, the most important element of Chinese New Year is sharing festive food with families and friends.
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Lee Kum Kee Products
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Health is the longevity of life and fulfilment in the physical world. As well as this, health also focuses on the aspects of a person’s life that add spiritual health such as strong friendships and family bonds. In Chinese cooking, noodles, broccoli and peanut are all believed to bring about a long and happy life.
長壽 Long Life
永久 Eternality
早生貴子 Great Family
Happiness is all about bringing you joy, both in your own life and of those around you. Vegetables are important for bringing harmony to your life, whilst prawns symbolise laughter, happiness and joy because of the way the Cantonese word sounds like laughter.
和諧 Harmony
笑哈哈 Laughter
幸運 Fortune
Love is a big part of Chinese food symbolism. At Chinese New Year meals shared with family and friends are important for showing them love and togetherness. Sharing a whole Chicken symbolises a united family, while eating meatballs and duck symbolises the strength of a family bond.
全家福 Family
團員 Together
Spiritual wealth and fortune is the idea of bringing good omens upon yourself through the food you eat. Pork is particularly symbolic here, bringing with it a full blessing to your fortune and luck. Fish and rice are also considered to bring good fortune, bringing with them financial and spiritual richness and luck.
豐富, 祝福 Full, Blessing
年年有餘 Richness
吉利 Luck
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