Prosperity Toss Noodles by Ching He Huang
Lee Kum Kee

Prosperity Toss Noodles by Ching He Huang

Serves 4
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This is a delicious cold noodle dish that comes from the South of China – it is eaten during Chinese New Year. It is a combination of different ingredients such as cold vermicelli rice noodles or vermicelli mung bean noodles (also known as glass noodles), julienne carrots, julienne red pepper, fried strips of wonton skins, smoked salmon, pomelo or pink grapefruit bits, toasted cashew nuts, julienne spring onion, julienne cucumber, fresh coriander.

The ingredients used varies, some use raw fish slices. This is the usually the first dish served at a Chinese New Year banquet, and guests crowd around the large dish and everyone uses their chopsticks to throw the ingredients in the air (landing on the plate) while saying out loud auspicious Chinese New Year phrases that will bring luck, prosperity and good health. Super fun and brilliant dish to serve at your Chinese New Year feast!


50g Carrots, Julienne
50g Cucumber, Julienne
50g Red pepper, Julienne
50g Yellow pepper, Julienne
50g Spring onion, Julienne
50g Fried wonton skin strips
50g Pink grapefruit bits
50g Smoked salmon pieces
50g Hydrated vermicelli mung bean noodles
50g Roasted salted cashew nuts
1 Handful of coriander
2 tsp Toasted white sesame seeds


1 Toss the vermicelli with Lee Kum Kee Pure Sesame Oil , set aside.
2 Mix all the dressing in a bowl.
3 Prepare all the ingredients. Lay them on individual mounds on a plate.
4 Decorate with fried wanton skin on the sides.
5 Pour all the dressing on top of salad and tossing the ingredients in the air to mix when serve.
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