Lemon Alaska with Mixed Berries Mint
Lee Kum Kee

Lemon Alaska with Mixed Berries Mint

Serves 3
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Want a dessert but not looking for anything too sweet? Here is an innovative way to enjoy yourself with our Lemon Alaska. The savoury element from Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Lemon Chicken simply balances the sweetness from the meringue whilst also helping to bring out the fruitiness from the berries, equally mingling well with the mint.


300g mixed berries washed and dried
150g Oreo or Marie biscuit, crushed
150g caster sugar
5 egg whites
3 scoops of ice cream


15g mint, finely sliced


1 Mix the berries with marinade.
2 Roll an ice cream ball in the crushed biscuits and shape as a mountain. Put it back to the freezer.
3 Add half of the sugar in the egg whites and whisk to a soft peak. Add the rest of the sugar until stiff peak.
4 Blow touch method: Place the ice-cream balls onto serving plates and quickly cover each with the egg whites. Burn with a blow torch. Serve with the fruits and sauce around the plate. Enjoy as soon as possible.
5 Oven method: Place the ice cream balls on a baking tray. Cover completely with egg whites. Bake in the oven at 250°C/225°C fan/gas 8 for 3 minutes until brown. Transfer the Alaskas to serving plates and spoon around the mixed berries and sauce.


1 Plating tips - Smear or Pipe
2 Smear meringue with the palette knife creates natural style Alaska while piping is more precise.Smearing is easier for beginners.
3 Blow torch the egg whites with medium fire and make sure it is not too close as the pointy tip of egg whites is easy to get burnt.
4 Cooking tips
5 More egg whites have to be used to cover the ice cream to isolate the heat if using the oven method.
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