Spring Rolls with Chicken and Mango

10 – 12 spring rolls

This recipe and dish photo were made in collaboration with Luuk’s Kitchen - https://luukskitchen.com/


1 pack round rice paper wrappers
250g organic chicken fillet
150g carrots julienne
½ cucumber
15g fresh mint
½ pack rice noodles
½  red pepper

Sauce Mix


1 Bring 1.5 liter of water to the boil. Cook the chicken by boiling for ten minutes and rinse with cold water.
2 Use the hot water for boiling the rice noodles, according to the instructions on the packaging. Rinse and allow to drain in a colander.
3 Bring 1 liter of water to the boil once again. You'll need this later for soaking the rice papers.
4 Split the cucumber lengthwise and remove the seeds with the back of a spoon. Slice the cucumber into long, thin strips. Peel the mango and also cut this into thin strips. Put all the ingredients into separate bowls. Remove the mint leaves from their stalks.
5 Slice the chicken into thin strips and heat them in Lee Kum Kee Pure Sesame Oil , in a frying pan. Cut the red pepper in two, remove the seeds and their membranes and slice the pepper finely. Add to the chicken, together with the honey and Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce . Heat for 5 minutes and then place the chicken in a dish.
6 Pour the hot water into a deep plate and dampen a clean tea towel. This is for rolling the spring rolls.
7 Soak the rice papers in the hot water, one by one, and cover them layer by layer with the mint, cucumber, rice noodles, mango, carrot and chicken. Repeat until all the papers/ingredients are used.
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